How to install Windows 11 using Windows Installation media

June 4, 2022
Install windows 11 using Windows Installation media

Install Windows 11 to Using Windows Installation Media

If your PC is compatible with Windows 11 and you haven’t seen the software update, here’s how to install the Windows 11 using Windows Installation Media tool or Windows Installation Assistant tool on a PC that is currently running a previous version of Windows. To start, visit the Windows 11 software download page.

Download Page for Windows 11 Installation media tool

The Windows 11 Installation media tool or Windows 11 Installation Assistant is available on Windows 11 download page which helps users download and install Windows 11. However, you should only use it if your PC has already been updated to allow for the installation of Windows 11. Otherwise, this tool will fail and tell you that your system doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for the download. To download and install Windows 11 through this tool, simply download and open up an executable file with the name of “Windows11InstallationAssistant.exe“. Make sure to read through the license terms before beginning.

How to use Windows 11 Installation Assistant

This software is really easy to use and appears to have a great customer support system. On this screen, you can see an example of the Downloading dialog that allows you to download your Windows installation just as it was shown in the picture.

Downloading Windows 11 with the Windows 11 Installation Assistant

When the download and installation have been completed, you’ll see that Your PC needs to restart to install Windows 11 dialog that you can see in the picture Downloading and installing Windows 10 is easy with the Windows 11 Installation Assistant.

Reboot to Start Windows 11 Setups

Clicking the Restart now button will cause your PC to reboot to complete the Windows 11 installation process. After your computer restarts, the installation process is finished and the updated operating system is up and running. If your computer can handle Windows 11, you don’t need to wait for Microsoft’s official approval for a formal update. There are other ways to install Windows 11 on PC from directly Windows 10 system update