Wu-Tang Clan to bring Wu Wear Collection for Fortnite

April 23, 2022
Wu tang clan to bring wu wear collection to fortnite

Wu Wear Collection To Fortnite

In the last few days, Fortnite announced that they would be joining forces together with Wu-Tang Clan to bring Wu Wear collection for Fortnite. Fortnite boasts a long track record of collaboration with other creators in order to add more content to the game already well-loved. I

It’s this time the legendary hip-hop group has brought their unique style to Fortnite the hugely well-liked video game that’s been drawing a crowd (Wu-Tang fans will recognize the joke) of brands and artists.

Today, Fortnite Epic Games will be unveiling a range of Wu Wear items that players can take home. The collection will consist of two outfits, both of which will include Wu-themed accessories. In addition, the game can introduce an emoticon (an in-game feature that makes the character to dance or do some other type of motion) that includes hands raised to form the shape of a W, signaling to the entire world that “ain’t something to play with.

credit: Wu tang Clan

Even though the members of the group won’t be playing, however there will be plenty of equipment for players to purchase. There are two full outfits in addition to other gear like backpacks, and maybe pickaxes. Fortnite will come with a unique Wu-Tang Clan hand emote for players to use while playing. The alliance between the two bands isn’t a surprise since stars have been making their entry in the Fortnite game for quite some time.

Since Fortnite was launched in the year 2017, celebrities such as Travis Scott and Ariana Grande have both been a part of Fortnite to generate excitement for the players. Collaborations with films like Uncharted have brought additional games with more content. The addition of new gear and even in-game concerts have become something Fortnite continually creates in order to keep its gamers entertained. These events and collaborations have kept players interested in the game’s content and drawn in new players.

Fornite history of Collaboration

Fortnite’s history of collaboration with other creators has enabled Fortnite to remain on the radar regardless of other games that are released. Fortnite is also featured in news reports for the work they’ve accomplished to Give more than $70 million to Ukraine. The money were made by Epic Games and have been distributed across organizations in Ukraine.

As Fortnite looks to continue its popularity in the gaming world, fans can expect Epic Games to pursue more collaborations to provide more content for their community.