Recover Data Drive from Daily Rubble Location Guide-Fortnite

April 26, 2022
daily rubble fortnite

Data Drive from Daily Rubble

In Fortnite, How to recover Data Drive from Daily Rubble location guide – Fortnite Epic Games? It’s the Fortnite Daily Rubble is a new location with a name that is located on the East part of the map close to the edge and it’s also where you’ll locate The Data Drive required for one of the Resistance Challenges. The Blimp that was located over The Daily Bugle is gone. When you go to the east, across the ocean, and then zoom in, you’ll notice what’s evidently the remnants of a wrecked zeppelin. Simply press the interact button, and the quest is complete It’s actually The Daily Rubble. 

It is possible to drop off directly from the bus. however, be aware that there are no weapons or other equipment at the location. A better strategy could be to travel to another location, set up and swim to the spot of the crash. So long as the weather allows it, of course.

Daily rubble
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Discover Fortnite’s Daily Rubble in Fortnite

This is where you’ll discover Fortnite’s Daily Rubble in Fortnite and the Data Drive for the Resistance Challenge. The item you’re searching for it’s fairly simple to locate. You just need to climb that tail end of the falling snow blimp that lies to the south of Epic Games – Fortnite. There is Data Drive. It’s impossible to overlook it. The device appears to be a rather large hard drive and of course, it’s glowing. Once you’ve picked the drive up you’ll finish the task and receive 24k XP in exchange for your efforts. A decent haul for a basic fetch challenge, I think it’s reasonable to say.